Getting Started

Getting Started Guide

Thank you for joining Conflicted Life RP! This guide will give a brief walk through to players on how to get started in our FiveM community. We encourage all players to sign up on our Forums and join our Discord. This is essential so you can ask for help along the way. If you need help, you can submit a ticket on the forums, join the waiting for support channel in our Teamspeak, or ask around in our discord. Please also be sure to review our server rules!

Connecting to the Server

To connect to the FiveM server for the first time, you will need to have TokoVoip installed. The installation process is very straightforward.

Begin by installing Teamspeak 3 on your computer. You can find the download here. Once Teamspeak is installed, click on Connections in the top left menu and then click Connect. The server address is and there is no server password. Enter a nickname that will be displayed in the teamspeak server then click Connect. If you see the phrase Connected to Server: "Conflicted Life Roleplay" in the bottom console, you have properly connected to the teamspeak.

Next we need to install the TokoVoip addon. Make sure you close Teamspeak before installing TokoVoip. You can download the addon here. Once installed, run the “tokovoip.ts3_plugin” file in your downloads folder. A TeamSpeak Add-on window should appear. Click Install then click Yes.

Once TokoVoip is installed, reconnect to the Teamspeak Server. Once connected, join the “Waiting for Voice” channel. Now, launch FiveM and connect to the server. The server address is also

If this is your first time connecting, it should present four empty character slots. Click on one and press Play. You will be prompted to create a character and set your clothing.

Starting as a Civilian

To start off with your new character, you should head over to the Job Center and get a job. Hit Escape to access your map and look for the large purple icon with an “i”. For more information about various jobs, check out the New Player Guides. You can also purchase a vehicle from the vehicle shop. You should be able to afford a Rusty Emperor as your first vehicle. From there, you can save up some money to purchase a new vehicle! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask around in the discord!

Joining a Faction

Are you interested in joining a faction at CLRP? If so, make sure you check out the various factions on our Forums. Check the Careers section for more information regarding the application requirements and hiring process. Most of the factions require an interview prior to joining. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in discord!